Guilty Pleasures, Television

I’ll See Your Puck, and I’ll Raise You a Snookie

I’ll soon be turning my attention to premium cable for the evening. Aaron and I don’t often agree on what to watch on television, and here’s why: Though I firmly believe that reality TV is a blight on humanity, secretly I’m kind of addicted to it. Not all of it. Some of it is just off the charts ridiculous. But there are shows that are guilty pleasures. I used to be a fan of The Real World. The first three seasons were really good. Now’s it’s all gratuitous s-e-x and drunken debauchery. Boring. Besides, the actual real world? Doesn’t have that many beautiful people with abs of steel in it. I’m just saying.

I tried to school Aaron on the social importance of The Real Housewives of [insert a city]. He doesn’t seem to be buying it. I still say the show has some intrinsic value. If nothing else, it teaches us how NOT to behave…or how TO behave if you want to look like a whiny, spoiled, entitled pain in the ass. Admittedly, I’ve never been followed around by television cameras, so I have no frame of reference…perhaps these people become SO used to it they just let their guards down. But honestly? How can you forget entirely that the shit you do and say is going to be broadcast to the world and it’s going to be edited by people whose job it is to make you look like the biggest assclown they can? I know the shows are edited for maximum drama, but you can’t edit stupid. Money apparently does not buy manners.

Oh, I could go on and on about reality TV. I won’t, but I SO could. Suffice to say, BRAVO and A&E are channels I find myself on a lot. The celebrity stuff can be interesting. It certainly caters to our voyeuristic nature, and really who doesn’t love watching Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons living lives of domestic bliss, if not harmony? But I’m endlessly entertained by the lives of “ordinary folk.” Little People, Big World. Great show. John and Kate + 8 was interesting until it got disgusting, bordering on abusive. The cooking challenge shows were always fun until Chef Ramsay’s contestants starting killing themselves. Not cool. I’m watching one now called Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads about a bunch of ice road truckers pulling duty on the most dangerous roads in the world on the mountains of India. There’s a death on these roads every 4 and a half minutes. That’s crazy. The roads are bad enough; Indian drivers are completely insane. I thought Boston drivers were bad…they don’t call us Massholes for nothing. We have nothing on these guys.

Honestly, I should probably just stick to Golden Girls reruns.