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The One Where I get Optioned!

After a long year of trying to sell my work to someone who can make it come to life, I found out from the publicist today that Miramax wants to option the screenplay! I still haven’t wrapped my head around that. Miramax. Wants. To. Option. My. Screenplay.

I’m going to their offices today to sign a 6-month option contract. They have 6 months to greenlight it, or they can extend the option in 6-month increments for up to 2 years. Then I’m heading to Malibu where Greg is hosting a party to celebrate not only the Miramax victory, but the fact that Daniel and I found out that Netflix is interested in the pilot we did. They loved the idea, but they want us to scale it back because we currently have an ensemble cast of 11. They want 4. Oy. We have some major rewriting to do. But first, we celebrate!

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The One with the Generation Gap

I’m 44 years old, but I like to think I keep up with the times. I consider myself a cool Mom. I play loud music in the kitchen while I’m cleaning and make my kiddo dance with me. He enjoys this more than he lets on, I’m quite certain. I took my boy to see Star Wars opening weekend. I go to Comic Con. (Trust me, those things are cool). And while my generation is the last to have used telephones with cords and remember television before cable, I have kept up with and embrace modern technology. I use Facebook, I tweet, I have an Instagram account (well I downloaded the app, though I’ve not posted a single thing on it yet), I blog, I have an interest in Pinterest (see what I did there?), I’ve used Periscope, and I certainly try to keep up with the lexicon of my son’s generation. I still write and speak in full sentences, using actual words and not just letters (OMG SMH! LMAO), but I understand most text-speak. Admittedly this is a necessity at times if I want to talk to my son about how his day was. We’ve had full-on conversations using just random letters. It’s like verbal hieroglyphics. It’s bad enough when it’s text messages or email, but these kids speak in abbreviations. What the actual hell?

Anyway, in an attempt to appear cool the other day, I handed my son his snack and announced, “Here you go, bae.”

My son looked up at me in horror.

Jack: Did you just call me bae?

Me: Yes, bae.

Jack: Yeah, don’t do that.

Mom: What? It’s hip, I’m cool. That’s a hip word. (Important note: If you have to say it’s cool, it probably isn’t. Also? Saying “hip” is not cool).

Jack: Do you even know what it means?


Jack: It means baby.

Me: Well, you’re my baby, so that’s appropriate.

Jack: No, baby, like baby, sweetie…like a boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

Me: Um. You’re 9. How do even… You know what? Never mind. So, I shouldn’t use that term with you?

Aaaannnnddd cue the eye roll.

Jack: Not so much. Cool parenting fail, Mom.


The lesson here is to do a quick search on Urban Dictionary before using a new term with my son or his friends. Or, keep reaching for the stars as far looking cool in my son’s eyes and just enjoy the humiliation it brings him when my attempts result in epic fails.

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Childhood Friends

I really don’t have much to say today. I just wanted to post this picture of my son and his friend Mia. She lives behind us and she and Jack are thick as thieves. I love childhood friendships. It reminds me of my friendship with Steve, the little boy who lived across the street from us when I was growing up. Steve and I were joined at the hip as kids. Of course while we communicated via plastic walkie-talkies and two cups attached by a string, Jack and Mia have mastered the art of FaceTiming each other long after lights out. Times have changed. But the importance of childhood friends has not…

Jack and Mia
Jack and Mia








Me and Steve
Me and Steve
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Conversations with Our 9-Year-Old

Conversations with our 9-year-old.

I overheard a conversation between Jack and Aaron the other day. It went something like this…

Jack: I want to call 911.

Dad: Why do you want to call 911?

Jack: Because I want the police to bring me a donut.

Dad: What makes you think a police officer would have donuts?

Jack: I watch TV; policemen always have donuts.

Dad: Hmm. You should ask Grandpa Tommy if he ever ate donuts while he was on duty.

Jack: Grandpa Tommy was a policeman?

Dad: Yes. You knew that. And so was his father, my grandfather.

Jack: Jeez, Dad, you broke the chain.

Dad: Well, I have a similar job, I just work in a courtroom instead of the street.

Jack ponders this for a moment then sighs plaintively and says: Do I have to do that too? Saving the world is hard work, I just want to entertain people…

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The One where I’m in La-La Land

I’ve been in LA for 2 days and I can’t get over how warm it is in February. Why does anyone live on the East Coast?? I’m here for a few weeks, trying to pitch Maybe Baby, a screenplay I finally finished after starting and stopping it no less than a dozen times. I’m also here to start a new project with Daniel. I’ve never written with anyone before, and I don’t think he has, so this should be a blast. We’ll be working on the pilot for a sitcom and depending on how we do we’ll probably start to pitch that as well while I’m here.

So far, I have to say that being here has been rather surreal. Got my first Hollywood wrap party under my belt. Had pictures taken on the red carpet, was interviewed by TMZ, and hung out with Andy Dick. My life suddenly got very weird… It’s now after 1 in the morning, still 60 degrees out, and I am turning in for the night. Tomorrow the work begins. #LovingLA

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This Kid Though…

When my house is noisy, I relax a little. Noise means I can pinpoint my son’s location at any given time and I can check in on him to see what he’s up to. Silence is scary. Silence means he’s up to something. Earlier today there was an unnerving lack of noise coming from his playroom, his last known whereabouts. I walked into his room and happened upon this scene:


Me: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: (Without even opening his eyes) Meditating.

Me: Why?

Jack: ’cause I want to see what my future looks like.

Me: I, wha–, um, ok. Carry on.

Jack: Ommmmmm.

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A Day in the Life

My 7-year-old has developed in interest in cooking lately. I think it’s great, especially since it’s not a particular skill I have, though my husband is quite adept at it. So Jack has taken to watching youtube videos on how to prepare different dishes. It’s kind of amusing watching him flip from a Scooby Doo video to a cooking show, really. So last night he got serious about it. He watched a video (repeatedly) on preparing some potato and cheese dish that he wanted to try out. Next thing I know I come into the kitchen to find him with his apron on, the video playing on his Ipad on the counter, and a pot of water filled with water sitting on the stove (which, since we’ve instilled in him NEVER to use the stove without an adult present, was not on). He had taken two potatoes from the bag and place them on the counter, along with other ingredients the recipe calls for (salt, pepper, cheese, etc.), and all the appropriate measuring cups and spoons. I was a little horrified to come upon this scene, but mostly really impressed that he pretty much got everything right.
A discussion ensued about cooking abilities. Jack informed us that he likes our neighbor’s lasagna better than Aaron’s because Aaron uses too much sauce and not enough cheese, whereas Alissa uses the perfect amount of cheese. To which Aaron replied, “You rarely even eat lasagna, how would you even know what’s good?”
Jack, to his credit (and my utter amusement), shot back with: “Hey, I’m not Garfield. Lasagna is fattening!”
garfield lasagne 1 copy1
Touche, my son. Touche.
Still, as lasagna happens to be among my favorite meals, fattening or not, maybe I can get him to give that a shot next time.
Oh, and with proper supervision, Jack cooked the potato and cheese dish and we all enjoyed it thoroughly!
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The One with the Bargaining

We’ve come to the stage in my son Jack’s development where he’s learning how to bargain.

“Have I got a deal for you!”

Oh, boy. My kid is going to be a used car salesman. Or a game show host.

Jack: Since I skinned me knee today, can I stay up an hour later?

Me: No, Jack, it’s already 10:00. Go back up to bed.

Jack: Mom, mom, just let me say this: I’ll give you ALL my cash if you let me stay up later.

Me: No, Jack.

Jack: Mom, ALL my cash.

Me: No, Jack.

Jack: Okay, if you don’t want a dollar ninety…you’d be riiiiccchhh.

Me: Goodnight, Jack.

Since I’m almost 8, can I…

Since I’m about to give you the biggest hug ever, can I…

Since I…

I’ve become quick enough where I can usually stop him before he even gets the whole question out.

No, Jack, you may not have ice cream for dinner.

No, Jack, you may not wear slippers to school.

No, Jack, you may not put duct tape on the dog.

No, Jack, you may not stay up an extra hour to see if Jon makes Garfield a birthday lasagna.

My favorite is, Mom, since I’m your only son and you love me to the moon and back, can I…

While both these statements are true, no you may not…

The stakes are getting higher with my boy. He recently earned his orange belt in karate, and since he did he wants to go to Hong Kong to meet Jackie Chan. And he wants to go Saturday.

jack orange belt1 - Copy copy