What do I tell you? What makes me…me? Do I describe the hamster I had when I was eight, or the ranch house we lived in at the time? How about he time my parents sat me down to tell me that I had a half-sister, several years my senior, who lived in England and whom I would probably never meet? Or playing doctor with Steve, the little wiffle-headed, bespectacled boy-next-door?

I wrecked a car when I was sixteen (actually the DAY I got my license), and the real reason for the accident is still my best-kept secret. Suffolk University accepted me, but Curry College appealed to my more liberal side. I thought I wanted to be a Lutheran minister, but my numerous (and always negative) encounters with my bishop saved untold multitudes of luckless parishioners, in some parallel universe. In my early-twenties I became obsessed with the French poet/philosopher Arthur Rimbaud and his philosophy on life (and death). In my mid-twenties I made a conscious decision to hug a tree every single day because, dammit, trees just don’t get enough affection.

I’ve had my heart broken once.

You know, in a completely unrelated story I could tell you about how I at one time embraced veganism…at least until I discovered that to FULLY embrace the lifestyle I would have to give up all meat (no problem) and all dairy product, including cheese (big problem!). I can’t give up cheese. I mean, what would I serve with wine?!? I dare say that lentils and Chardonnay do not a good combination make.

The best conversations I’ve ever had were unquestionably with my cousin Kristen. She grew up in Maine and I grew up in Massachusetts, so the phone was our link to one another. We would often talk on the phone while watching the same movie or television show so we could give each other our opinions. There was usually hell to pay when the phone bills arrived at our respective houses, but nothing on this earth could make me laugh so hard as good conversation over a good movie with my cousin.

Ummm. What else?

I began to read before kindergarten. I’ve been writing passionately my whole life. I use to like my rum on the rocks and with a splash of Coke. I’m a fiscal conservative and a zealous social liberal. I’m attracted to people who are curious about life and passionate in everything they do. I’ve always had a reflexive self-loathing but am now realizing that I can be confident in my self. I respect formal sophistication that has the ability to blend into any social situation. Indiscretion and misplaced vulgarity offends me.

I’m a baseline piano player and an aspiring black belt, but I haven’t been properly serious about either in a while.

I’m a freelance writer and editor. I spend too much time with my face in a book or in front of the computer screen.