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The One Where I get Optioned!

After a long year of trying to sell my work to someone who can make it come to life, I found out from the publicist today that Miramax wants to option the screenplay! I still haven’t wrapped my head around that. Miramax. Wants. To. Option. My. Screenplay.

I’m going to their offices today to sign a 6-month option contract. They have 6 months to greenlight it, or they can extend the option in 6-month increments for up to 2 years. Then I’m heading to Malibu where Greg is hosting a party to celebrate not only the Miramax victory, but the fact that Daniel and I found out that Netflix is interested in the pilot we did. They loved the idea, but they want us to scale it back because we currently have an ensemble cast of 11. They want 4. Oy. We have some major rewriting to do. But first, we celebrate!

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