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The One with the Bargaining

We’ve come to the stage in my son Jack’s development where he’s learning how to bargain.

“Have I got a deal for you!”

Oh, boy. My kid is going to be a used car salesman. Or a game show host.

Jack: Since I skinned me knee today, can I stay up an hour later?

Me: No, Jack, it’s already 10:00. Go back up to bed.

Jack: Mom, mom, just let me say this: I’ll give you ALL my cash if you let me stay up later.

Me: No, Jack.

Jack: Mom, ALL my cash.

Me: No, Jack.

Jack: Okay, if you don’t want a dollar ninety…you’d be riiiiccchhh.

Me: Goodnight, Jack.

Since I’m almost 8, can I…

Since I’m about to give you the biggest hug ever, can I…

Since I…

I’ve become quick enough where I can usually stop him before he even gets the whole question out.

No, Jack, you may not have ice cream for dinner.

No, Jack, you may not wear slippers to school.

No, Jack, you may not put duct tape on the dog.

No, Jack, you may not stay up an extra hour to see if Jon makes Garfield a birthday lasagna.

My favorite is, Mom, since I’m your only son and you love me to the moon and back, can I…

While both these statements are true, no you may not…

The stakes are getting higher with my boy. He recently earned his orange belt in karate, and since he did he wants to go to Hong Kong to meet Jackie Chan. And he wants to go Saturday.

jack orange belt1 - Copy copy

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