Blessings, Life with Kids

My Son Is a Jedi

From a recent conversation with my son during the nightly struggle to get him into bed at a reasonable hour:

Jack: Mommy, can I watch my white computer in bed? (His portable DVD player.)

Me: No, Jack. If you want to watch a movie in bed, you need to go to bed earlier so you can have lights out at your usual time.

Jack: But it will help me sleep.

Me: No it won’t. I only let you have it last week because you had a bad cough and I figured it would distract you.

Pause. With the dramatic flare and conviction of a 6-year-old: {cough}{cough}{choke}{hack}{cough}

Me: Jack, you do not have a cough.

Jack: But it will help me sleeeeeeppppp!

Me: Did you ask Daddy?

Jack: No.

Me: Uh-huh.

Jack: Really. I didn’t.

Me: Oh, I believe you. Why then did you ask me? Because I’m a pushover?

Jack: [Batting those long eyelashes over his baby blues] No, ’cause you’re the boss.

Ah, yes. The Force is strong in this one.

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