Totally Random

Riders On the Storm

Here’s what I predict is going to happen. I’m going to go around duct taping my windows and barricading my doors, hoarding batteries, candles, and bottled water…all in anticipation of Hurricane Earl, because, well, I can’t not give into the hysteria. I’m a New Englander. It’s what we do. But here’s how it’s going to end up: a windy rain storm that likely won’t be ferocious enough to cut my power, let alone sweep me away to the next county. Not that I’ll complain, mind you. I’m happy not to have to deal with Mother Nature’s wrath. She can be a bitch. I witnessed it last spring when for a week straight people in the next town were forced to take the famous Boston Duck Boats to the grocery stores because after a week of heavy rain and raging floods the roads were impassable by any other mode of transportation (unless you owned your own canoe, which most do not). So the Duck Boats made their way from Boston to the southern suburbs and the south coast and carted people off to where they needed to be. I can do without that kind of hassle. Still, the anticipation and anxiety that builds when you hear hurricane is exhausting when it fails to come to fruition. The preparation is just such a pain in the ass. (A brief aside: duct tape seems to be the answer for everything. Isn’t that what the government told us to stock up on during the anthrax scare soon after 9/11, so we could seal our windows and doors in case of a widespread outbreak? It’s all purpose: anti-weather, anti-terrorist. It’s the MacGyver of adhesives. Brilliant really.)

Anyway. That’s what I’m expecting. If I had the energy and the inclination I’d drive to the coast and sit on the sea wall and dare the waves to bring it on. Alas, I don’t have enough confidence in the forecasters’ incompetence to play that game. 🙂 That’s a bit like playing chicken with God, no? Surely I’d be on the losing end of that bet.

So, I’ll tape my damn windows and sit it out late tomorrow night, candles at the ready. The temperature is going to hold so I’ll very likely go walking in the rain at some point. We are at least expecting some pretty strong sustained winds, so that’ll make it challenging…but I can’t resist a walk in the rain on a warm-ish night. Hurricane be damned, or whatever (I shook my fist heavenward as I typed that, just so you know:)

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