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My Seasonal Rant

Here’s what drives me crazy about New England weather: from October through May (sometimes June) you rarely see blue skies; it’s all grey all the time. There is constant cloud cover, even if the sun is out. It is utterly depressing. I’m looking out the window and though I haven’t been outside I can tell it’s a raw fall day. The winds are strong; I can see the trees craning and struggling against the harsh gusts. The leaves are swirling around in the traditional fall dance and coming to rest on the sidewalks and streets (and lawns!). It was such a beautiful summer…and I like fall, I really do, I just wish it didn’t slam into us so violently. Mother Nature knows nothing of gentle introductions. And I’m OK with the cold, I just wish we’d get occasional respite from the grey is all. I like the IDEA of winter; I just wish it didn’t last as long. While the spring and summer always bring with them the promise of renewed life and energy, the fall and winter do the exact opposite for me. I love the holidays, love, love, love them. Well, love them and hate them…but that’s a story for another time really. Anyway, snow and bone-chilling cold are fine through January, but then it would be nice to see the sun again, is all I’m saying. And perhaps amidst the brutally cold days we could be thrown a bone and have a single day thrown in that enables us to expose SOME part of ourselves without fear of freezing our asses off. A day that doesn’t necessitate a hat and gloves and scarf and boots and 5 pairs of socks. God, I’m already bitching and today is only in the 50s according to And? It’s. Only. October. 3rd.

Ah, well. I look at it this way: Only 179 more days until baseball’s opening day 2011. And mandatory spring training takes place March 1, five days before my birthday…happy birthday to me. :0) That’s when I will again breathe easily, and all will be right with the world. Baseball makes me happy. Baseball and sunny days. John Denver was SO right: Sunshine on my shoulders DOES make me happy.

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